About the Plan

The Major Taylor Trail Framework Plan will develop a transformative approach to neighborhood economic development, community-building, and equitable opportunities in the area directly surrounding the Trail. The Plan will translate the community’s vision for the Trail into achievable, dynamic, and innovative projects. Far South Community Development Corporation is leading community outreach for the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development.

By analyzing the study area’s land use + zoning, site-specific opportunities, market conditions, and community input, the Framework Plan team will develop an action-oriented framework plan centered on site plans, projects, and implementation strategies.

Upcoming Events

The Major Taylor Trail Framework Plan will have a range of community engagement activities, including public meetings, pop ups, bike rides, and online and in-person feedback. The first event will be a project launch at the West Pullman Branch of the Chicago Public Library, along with an optional walking tour along the Major Taylor Trail.

Project Launch
Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 11am – 1pm West Pullman Library (830 W 119th St.)

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Project Timeline

  • Research + Analysis (Aug 2022 – Oct 2022)

    • Analysis of Existing Plans
    • Field Work
    • Issues + Opportunities Analysis
    • Retail + Commercial + Industrial Market Conditions
    • Market Potential
    • Existing Conditions
  • Engage + Listen (Sept 2022 – Dec 2022)

    • Focus Groups
    • Pop Up Events
    • Community Visioning Workshop
    • Asset + Potential Mapping
    • Community Input Summary
  • Plan + Design (Oct 2022- Dec 2022)

    • Open Space + Public Realm Concept Plan
    • Site Designs
    • Commercial Strategies
    • Land Use Recommendations
    • Draft + Final Framework Plan